Validate Your App Idea (Without Hiring A Developer)

A simple, step-by-step framework to validate your perfect app idea and prove it works.

No tech knowledge or developer required.

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Hi, I'm John Rake

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I’m a seasoned app developer with over a decade of experience and digital partner to a startup incubator. Each year I help dozens of entrepreneurs validate their ideas, quickly prototype their products, and launch them into a market full of happy customers eager to buy.

After a decade of helping founders launch great digital products, I’ve sharpened my skills and created reliable processes that generate success. In the past, I’ve unknowingly kept these secrets restricted to clients who work with me. That ends now!

This ebook shares my knowledge directly with you.

40+ pages of knowledge you need to validate your perfect app idea.

  1. No Tech Skills (or Developer) Required. You don't need a masters degree in rocket ships to read this book. This book uses what I call "normal human words". Neat, huh?
  2. Customer First Approach. Know exactly who wants your product, why they want it, and what features they desire most. With this framework you'll never second guess yourself or make risky assumptions.
  3. Design Real Prototypes. Create a functional prototype that you can seamlessly test with real customers and even investors! It's so good people will think you built it with real code.  never even have to hire an expensive developer.
  4. Lightning Fast Feedback. We create a real prototype and test it with real customers. Everything you learn is the REAL data. Does feature A work? What about feature B? Address all your burning questions and riskiest assumption in hours, not months and thousands of dollars.

I make tech, dare I say it, fun?

Let's face it, tech can be a dull subject. So, whenever possible I spice things up with my own blend of goofy personality and humor. These lessons are critical and will save you thousands.

Here's just a few of my favorite sections. I know you're going to love what's inside!

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