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Take a peak at some of my free resources below. I guarantee they're better than what other people sell.

Founders vs Tech (Podcast)

Founders vs Tech is a weekly podcast for busy entrepreneurs and founders who know they need technology but just struggle to figure it out.  Each episode gives you the best advice for launching mobile apps, estimating costs, spotting red flags, hiring great developers, and so much more so you can focus on “scaling” your business - not “dealing” with your tech.

Validate Your Perfect App Idea (Ebook)

40+ pages of knowledge you need to validate your perfect app idea. Follow my simple, step-by-step framework to validate your perfect app idea and prove it works. No tech knowledge or developer required.

The Founder's Guide to Hiring a Great Developer (Ebook)

40+ pages of knowledge you need to hire the best developer for your project. A step-by-step framework for hiring a developer you trust to build your vision. No tech knowledge required.


Free weekly tips that teach you how to launch irresistible products your customers will love. I call them my nuggets of wisdom, or nugs for short. Give em a read, they make tech fun!

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