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You bring the vision, I’ll bring the map

Creating a successful app takes equal parts vision and execution. With your vision we have a guiding light and goal – a purpose to fulfill.  To compliment your vision, I start by creating a weekly execution plan I call the roadmap.

A step-by-step execution plan

First, I work with you to understand the feature requirements your product needs. Next, I breakdown those technology requirements into simple steps we can take action on each week.

And voila, we have our roadmap – a weekly execution plan to launch your app.

The roadmap ensures that development of your app is easy to understand, flexible enough to adapt each week, and with a predictable launch timeline.

100% project transparency

All projects I build are managed with a light weight Trello kanban board. Trello is a flexible tool that helps us know what’s currently being developed, what needs more information, and what’s coming up next on the roadmap.

When you work with me, you’ll have access to the entire project roadmap anytime you want to check in on the project. I value consistent, transparent client communication. I want you to always have the control and flexibility to see exactly how your app is being built.

I hold myself to a high standard. I output quality, professional applications. One reason I’m able to do this is because I know my clients are well informed and keep me accountable.

No stress communication

Bigger agencies have this weird tendency to funnel all communication through one person – typically a project manager. Now, all communication is translated from tech and non-tech speak willy-nilly like a terrifying game of telephone.

Except, instead of screwing up a funny message, your agency is tossing thousands of dollars down the drain as your project becomes more derailed, more dysfunctional, and ultimately misses its deadline.

Now, compare that to my services:

1. Direct communication. You speak directly with me – the developer actually building your app.
2. Quick and flexible. We sort out issues quickly and without impacting your app’s success.
3. Less overhead. Lastly, you save a ton of money on useless overhead!

dave robertston profile

Dave Robertson

Founder, FlipperForce
As a non-technical, solo startup founder that knows nothing about tech, it’s been frustrating to deal with unresponsive developers that have poor communication skills. John takes pride in helping startup founders build the right solutions that solve their customer’s problems.

More reasons I should build your app

less app development overhead

Less overhead

Work directly with the person developing your app, not a distracted project manager juggling five other projects that you don’t care about.

fewer app bugs

Fewer bugs

Before I build a feature I’ll write a small test to ensure I did my job correctly. Simply put, I don’t trust my code works, I prove it works every single time I make a change.

mobile app testing

Feel the app in your hands

Part of my weekly build cycle is a release to your own personal beta version. At any stage of the process you can feel the app exactly like a customer would. You can even give users an early sneak peek for more feedback.

predictable app development

Predictable development

From beginning to end I create, plan, and execute all projects in small and predictable steps. That means you always know what’s coming next and how we’ll adapt to obstacles.

app development communication

Communication prioritized

Communication and transparency are the absolute cornerstones of a successful app and a healthy business relationship. I prioritize direct client communication time. For every piece of an app I build I ensure a portion of that time is spent keeping you informed.

app development easy budgeting

Easy invoice budgeting

Everything I do is based around a consistent weekly schedule model. That includes invoicing and payments, so I charge a fixed weekly rate to build apps. You know exactly what everything will cost. That makes budgeting super easier and leaves no room for surprises.

weston bergmann profile

Weston Bergmann

I’ve worked with John in various capacities for almost three years now. He’s my absolute go-to technology developer of choice. He will save you money, make you more revenue, and help you build something people actually want.

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